Osaka is a designated city in the Kansai region of Honshu in Japan. It is the capital of and most populous city in Osaka Prefecture, and the third most populous city in Japan, following Tokyo and Yokohama. With a population of 2.7 million in the 2020 census, it is also the largest component of the Keihanshin Metropolitan Area, which is the second-largest metropolitan area in Japan and the 10th largest urban area in the world with more than 19 million inhabitants.
Smart City Projects
Smart Apartments The project will build 365 apartments for elderly families, as well as residences for the elderly with nursing services, homes for the elderly with cognitive disorders, commercial facilities and so on. The air conditioners and other electrical appliances in the homes of the elderly with nursing services are equipped with sensors. If the elderly have abnormal behavior, they will be suspected of cognitive impairment and notify the medical staff. While improving medical welfare services, cognitive impairment can be found early and prevention can be strengthened.
VACAN Vacan service makes full use of IOT and AI technology to collect and provide the usage of various spaces. Use cameras and sensors to judge the use of food street, coffee, toilets, meeting rooms, staff canteens and other spaces, and then spread them through digital screens, mobile phones and so on. Through the patented mic technology developed by vacan, it is possible to judge the idle situation with high precision. After cloud analysis, space usage is disseminated through apps.
Nanbo Park Nanbo park is a modern building located in Osaka's traditional bustling business district. It is not a park in the traditional sense, but a complex of shopping centers and office buildings. The perfect combination of intercity trains, subways and other transportation hub functions with offices, hotels and residences is a representative project of the successfully developed urban complex in Japan. Through the construction of large-scale natural parks, Osaka's crowded and chaotic urban environment will be improved, bringing an oasis.
City Media Center
Super City / Smart City KANSAI 2022

With the "2025 Osaka / Kansai Expo" as an opportunity, JTB Communication Design will foster momentum for super cities and smart cities in Japan and overseas, revitalize the economy, and improve the attractiveness of cities from "OSAKA", which will be a showcase of cutting-edge technology. We will hold "Super City / Smart City KANSAI-Smart City EXPO & Conference" with the aim of realizing this.