Saarbrücken is the capital of the German state of Saarland, the center of three federal states, and a city of peace, leisure and joy at the same time. This is a city one cannot but love, with a vibrant cultural scene, Baroque architecture, French elegance and Saarland lifestyle. Saarbrücken is also a university town, economic center and exhibition city. Saarbrücken is a nice city with a vibrant cultural scene and Baroque architecture. It combines French ambiance with the joie de vivre of the Saarland. The metropolis on the Saar River is an easygoing city with the feel-good factor situated at the centre of a region spanning three countries.
Smart City Projects
Speed Transmission Tier 1 caie from Germany introduced a new generation of 8-speed hybrid automatic transmission and a 2-speed reducer for electric passenger cars. The 8-speed hybrid automatic transmission has the following five characteristics and will be produced in salbrucken, Germany in 2022. It can also drive at high speed in pure electric mode. It is suitable for 48V Light-duty Hybrid System and plug-in hybrid system. The maximum power of the motor is 25kW. By using the direct shift valve, the capacity of the hydraulic control unit is compressed to 1.8 liters, and the electromagnetic actuator will not need to use the auxiliary piston and bushing. During the operation of the internal combustion engine, the carbon dioxide emission per kilometer is reduced by 1g, and the mileage increases correspondingly during the electrical operation. The driver can hardly feel the transition of the power system from electrical operation to internal combustion engine operation.
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