Jian Wang
Chief scientific communication expert of national public transport discipline
Adjunct professor of School of transportation, Chongqing Jiaotong University
Expert Profile

Mr. Wang has worked in the field of road transportation and public transport for more than 30 years. His professional background includes bus and bus manufacturing, operation and management, road traffic safety, traffic aesthetics, travel and transportation. He is the founder of the first Chinese automobile website on the Internet (1997), the founder of the shared travel Laboratory (2018), and the "chief science communicator of the national public transport discipline" awarded by the China Association for science and Technology (cast, 2017).

He is committed to promoting the fair and effective implementation of public transport priority policies, disseminating advanced public transport technology and operation management experience, and actively promoting shared bus services and driverless vehicle operation in China; He is the main advocate of the theory and practice of Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) in China, the disseminator of the legal principle of demand response transportation (DRT), and the founder of the Chinese concept of travel as a service (MAAS).

Mr. Wang is a goodwill ambassador of the International Federation of public transport (UITP), an expert in the operation and maintenance of buses and buses in the Asian Development Bank (ADB) China project to improve the operation and management of clean buses, and an expert in the urban public transport branch of the Chinese society of civil engineering, the bus branch of the Chinese society of public roads, and the shared travel branch of the Chinese Transportation Association.